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About Rosh Sillars Marketing Consultant

Are you looking for a social media consultant, advertising consultant, traditional or digital marketing consultant? Sometimes you are looking for someone with multiple areas of expertise.

Rosh Sillars is a veteran in the media and marketing fields. He is a past university instructor, four-time author and speaker about digital marketing and photography. Rosh works with companies large and small to help grow their business online and off.

Rosh Media is a digital marketing agency. We create plans for our digital marketing clients to help them develop marketing strategies, open new markets and grow their business. Often a key component of many of our plans is one on one consulting. It’s important to the success of the strategies we design. Our key consulting strengths are social media, digital strategy and PPC marketing consulting. Although, we do have team members with diverse skills who are can step in for special projects.

One of our strengths is supporting our client with market hacking. Market hacking is about developing new markets for established businesses.

We focus on fixing four challenges for our market hacking clients:

  • Awareness: Do people know of your company?
  • Website Traffic: Are you earning enough traffic to your website?
  • Conversions (sales): Are people buying from you?
  • Retention: Keeping the clients you have.

Let's start with awareness. Do potential clients know who you are? Is your branding working? Your brand is more than your logo. Today in the digital age your brand represents your reputation. How do people think of your company? Do they trust your company? If the people who should know you don’t, then an awareness or branding campaign might be the right starting point for your company.

There are many avenues to consider when developing a branding campaign. You can focus on public relations, display advertising, or remarketing. They key is to get your name out there, in a memorable way that people will trust your company as a resource.

Web traffic may come from multiple places. At least 25% should come from search engines. In many cases, the percentage is as high as 80%. If search engines are sending traffic to your website, chances are you have a lot of valuable information for the general public or your industry. Of course, having a good product does make a difference too.

Search Engine Optimization is a good way to drive traffic to your website. You may have heard SEO is dead, we believe SEO is dead when people stop using Google. It is still important to make it easy for Google to understand what your website is about. It’s also valuable to share your website to help build creditability and trust within the Internet community. When people start to talk about, share and trust your company and website, The search engines take notice.

If you can’t find your way to the top of the search engines naturally, you can buy your way to the top with Search Engine Marketing (SEM). You can buy your way to the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Social media is another way to drive traffic to good content. Creating a blog and sharing information in social media is also helpful to drive web traffic. Some large companies like to hire out social media tasks. In most cases, small and medium-sized companies need to find an in-house champion to focus on social media for the company. This is when a good social media consultant comes into play. Social media consultants help develop a media calendar, coach on the best social media practices and offer direction as new social platforms are released to the public.

A conversion is a term used in marketing to represent a successful transaction. This transaction doesn’t always represent money. A conversion can be anything such as downloading an ebook, signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product online. Usually, conversions have little do to do with your ads, SEO tactics or the type of social media you are using. Yes, they all may affect your conversions if poor traffic is being sent to your website or landing pages.

Most conversion problems are found on the website or landing page itself. The problems may be small like changing a photo, rewriting copy or developing a better call to action. Other times the problem is with the offer or product itself. It’s important to test over time as many aspects of your landing page and website as possible. Keep testing until you have a well-optimized website.

Once we have improved the above three issues we expand the scope of our efforts and work on improving referrals and retention of our clients' hard-earned customers.

If you are in Detroit or on the other side of the world, Rosh Media can support your needs with our consulting services. We offer hourly rates and package options. Our team has marketing experts who are published authors, university instructors, and an active member of the social media community. Many of our team members have run their own business. If you have any questions feel free to contact me: