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Every business has challenges. Before they came to us, one of our clients could not be found anywhere on the web. Within six months they where one of  the top businesses selling for their creative service online in the United States.  Today they continue to expand their market share using video, digital advertisng and expanding their web footprint.  We use proven media and digital marketing techniques to tell your story and grow your business. We find the combination which works best for your company. Our team uses search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, targeted digital display ads, focused audiences, remarketing, email campaigns to increase opportunities for your business.  Rosh Media also uses the resources of our partent company The Rosh Group, Inc to help you find new business. If your success combination includes a solution that does not exist, we create one. As an example, our, is an exceptional tool for public relations and short promotional campaigns. Our core strategy combination marketing lets us find the right combination of Awareness of your business. Traffic to your business. Business for your business.

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Be Bold! with your digital marketing. You have great products, services, and ideas. Yet, your company is not meeting its marketing goals. When you ignore todays powerful digital marketing options, it means your competition is winning your online customers. Maybe your business is not at the level you want it to be in the market place. We have a solution; it’s time to open new markets for your business with a powerful digital marketing strategy. You want more people to experience your great products and service. You know your company needs brand awareness and more traffic to your website. This is because the more traffic your website generates the more leads and customers your business can earn. However, you may not know all the available options or understand the full details about how to market your company successfully online. It’s also possible you don’t have the time to manage such a campaign. The fact is, not implementing digital marketing correctly is costly, and can drive the wrong prospects to your company website. Quality digital marketing attracts the right prospects to your business through multiple channels. This is why you hire A digital marketing company like Rosh Media. We support the growth of your business with digital marketing and consulting which opens new markets for your products and services. Contact us now.

Rosh Media
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Rosh Media is a Detroit-based digital marketing agency and division of The Rosh Group, Inc. Our local, regional and national clients come to us when they are ready to grow their business. We, in turn, open new markets for them. This is a strategy which we refer to as Combination Marketing. Combination Marketing is a mindset which leads to business growth. It’s a powerful marketing process. A process we offer to companies like yours because you want to help your customers find you as much as we wish to support your growth. Chances are, you found us because of the marketing our digital marketing company do online. If you found us via a search engine, that’s because getting businesses found online by their target audience is one of our digital marketing strengths and functions we perform well. Our Detroit based digital marketing company can help people find you, too.

Our Founder, Rosh Sillars, and his team have experience working with small businesses, large industrial concerns, billion-dollar corporations, and governmental organizations. Rosh has written books on digital marketing and photography that have been published by top houses and sold internationally in major bookstores, and online. He speaks extensively on the subjects of digital marketing and social media and has been paid to speak in venues as far away as Australia. He also has taught social media at the university level and practices what he preaches, developing his own digital marketing angencies and social media companies.