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Rosh Media is a Detroit based SEO company serving clients nationwide. We have the tools and talent to earn your business more traffic which can increase sales of your product or service. We are also well-known for our white lable  support for marketing agencies and webiste designers.

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Detroit SEO Company, Rosh Media is a Metro Detroit SEO focused marketing company specializing in driving traffic to our client’s websites. Our core marketing service, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), helps our clients get found online.

How would you like more traffic to your website? If so, then you need to get the attention of the number one traffic generation source available to you. Organic search engine traffic.

The first step in the process is to consider how important it is to help search engines understand the theme of your website and what each page within your website represents. Not having good SEO is like opening a store without a sign, address or architecture. You must leave clues to what type of store is at your company address.

Is SEO dead? It’s a good headline. However, people who make this claim only say it to get your attention. In many cases, they want to sell you a different product or service. Yet, this claim is completely false. SEO is alive and well.

Currently, search engines continue to rank search query results from their highest relevant recommendation to the lowest. In most cases, you will see the top ten results, ranked in order, on the front page of the search engine, such as Google. Yet, there are reasons why one website ranks higher than another.

SEO is about employing best practices to make webpages attractive enough to earn high rankings within search engine results. Our philosophy is that SEO is dead only when people stop using Google and other helpful search engines.

Until then, it’s important to understand the fact that making it easy for people to find your business through search engines can make or break your company in the digital age.

SEO is an art and science. The rules change all the time as search engines update their algorithms to offset people who game the system and use black hat SEO techniques. White hat and black hat is common SEO industry jargon.

Blackhat SEO represents practitioners who use tricks or try to game the system to rank their websites. White hat SEO means playing by the rules recommended by the search engines. Search engines don’t hate SEO, they encourage it as a path to best practices which help them provide the best search results.

However, in some cases black hat techniques are effective in the short-term, unfortunately, businesses who hire black hat companies tend to find themselves is a world of hurt down the line. For example, companies who paid for links years ago are still paying the price after Google made algorithm adjustments to counter this technique.