Website Pricing Calculator

This calculator is the one we use at Rosh Media to help estimate our website costs. You are welcome to use it too. We use a point system which makes this a universal calculator for any size company. This calculator allows us (and you) to apply a dollar value for each point based on your costs of doing business. A small company might use a value of $15-$20 per point while a large agency might need $75-$85 per point to stay in business. We, at Rosh Media, charge between $25 - $35 per point depending on the scope of entire marketing project, our team workload/bandwidth and complexity of the project. This calculator gives us a good starting point. We hope you find it useful too. Note: Select the options above the descriptions and click the Your fee button at the bottom of the page for your answer.

Point Fee:

Point Fee: The point system makes this a universal calculator. Users can charge a different rate per point value. Feel free to adjust rates until you find your comfort zone. An independent professional may only charge $20 per point and a large agency may charge $80 per point. Select how much you wish to change per point. Note: The calculator gives you the answer at the bottom of this page.

Website Type:

Website Type: What level of website development is reqired? A landing page is an advertising page created for pay-per-click campaigns. WP stands for WordPress. WP Basic: This website uses a template availble free from WordPress with a few design and code adjustments. WP Premium: This website requires a purchased premium template with design and code customization. Custom WordPress: This website needs 100% custom design, development and coding for the WordPress platform. Custom Code:This website is custom designed and coded using HTML5,CSS3,PHP,JS etc. - no WordPress


Pages: How many pages will the website have? LP stands for landing page. Pick up means the landing page is based on an established design. New means the landing page requires a new design.

Responsive Design:

Responsive Design: Will the website be developed using responsive design (90% of time, yes)? Responsive design - the website and content adjusts based on the size of the screen it is viewed

E-commerces :

E-commerce: Will this be an ecommerce website (accept online payments)? Ecommerce sites tend to be more complex than non-commerce sites.

Blog :

Blog: Is a blog a part of the website design and development?

Forms/Widgets :

Forms/Widgets: How many forms and/or widgets will be on the website? A form can be an email capture or request form. A widget might show a twitter feed or display a custom calculator