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About Facebook Consulting

Facebook involves more than how to set up a Business Page, when to post a status update, chatting with old high school friends.

Developing a Facebook strategy can be highly involved and very beneficial to your business. Good consultants, like our Detroit based Facebook consulting team, can point you in the right direction with the latest information, concepts and strategies for Facebook. This includes Facebook advertising.

Just like all social media, the Facebook platform is neutral. Your experience has a lot to do with the people and brands you follow and the content you share. Your engagement level has a lot to do with Facebook success too. Just posting to a Facebook page is not considered being active in social media – it’s just posting content to an interactive website. Unless you actively develop relationships with people, your return on investment can be minimal. It’s important to develop goals, strategy, and a plan. One of the best things you can do is to develop a social media calendar. A good Facebook consultant can help you create an effective calendar. We have found that clients who create a calendar tend to stick with Facebook and find more success over time. They grow their Page faster, generate more Likes, and foster more engagement, which leads to better opportunities and greater returns. The biggest secret to Facebook is the most obvious – keep it social.


There is a very deep world outside the basic social elements of Facebook. Advertising has become a powerful component of Facebook. There is certainly controversy around how much Facebook is forcing businesses to buy additional exposure. Often Facebook Business page status updates are only seen by 2-4% of the Page followers. The fact is you can attract a lot more views and traffic by paying for exposure on Facebook. There are many ways you can use Facebook advertising. You may promote your best post to people who have liked your page and their friends. Business Page owners may advertise based on location, interests or demographics. Remarketing is becoming very popular for branding, and developing new clients over the long-term. Facebook Audiences allows you to upload an email list and advertise only to people on the list. Done well, this can reinforce the message of your email campaigns. Facebook advertising options can be rather complex. If you plan out a strategy and test ideas, your company can create a powerful sales funnel using Facebook. Our Rosh Media consultants use Facebook and its tools on a daily basis and can help you discover if this is the right marketing and advertising platform for your business.

Detroit, Michigan based Rosh Media heavily utilizes the visual advantage. We know using quality imagery as part of your social media campaign is highly effective. It drives engagement and helps to tell your company’s story. We encourage you to take the time to sit down with one of our team members to help determine your best visual solutions.

We usually recommend you employ or appoint a social media champion from within your company before hiring external help. People within your business tend to know more about your company, its history and culture. Hiring an internal person or team is not always possible. When companies hire our social media team, we take the time to work the internal social media champions, learn about our client and their business, so we can be an effective face to the world and representative of the company story.

We don’t encourage handing off your social media to the new intern. A well-trained intern can do a fine job handling some of the basics of your social media strategy. It is important to remember that social media platforms such as Facebook are your face to the world and represent your company to new prospects and current clients. You wouldn’t have the intern give the key sales presentation to a new large prospect. There is a difference between understanding how to use social media tools for personal use and developing a marketing strategy for your business.

Rosh Media develops and executes Facebook marketing plans for your success.

There are many directions your company can take when it comes to social media. Social media has many purposes such as lead generation, customer service, industry intelligence and public relations to name a few. Hiring the right team is important. Our team and partners are well-trained and understand what it takes to meet client goals.

Hiring a social media consultant is the most cost-effective recommendation for companies on a tight budget. Hiring a social media professional internally can be very expensive. Hiring an external social media team is often less expensive than hiring internal employees. With that said, social media is labor intensive and it is not cheap to hire a quality external company to represent your company online. Rosh Media offers many options. Let us find the right one for you.

Rosh Media is a digital marketing firm, it’s founder Rosh Sillars, is published author, speaker and experienced social media consultant. His first social media business development was in 1997, and he continues to share his insight and experience to Rosh Media clients.

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