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Google Pay-Per-Click advertising works! Why? because people who are searching for a solution are more likely to be buyers. Yet, there is more than one way to advertise with Google.


When people search on Google, they are looking for solutions. Our job is to help your company become one of the solutions, earning you more customers. 


Display advertising is a passive form of advertising. It’s excellent for developing awareness of your brand. Using focused audiences we can target the right prospects.


YouTube advertising can place your story in front of the right people. Video is powerful and has become a core part of modern marketing strategy. YouTube is the powerhouse location. 


There is more than one approach to using Google marketing tools. Video, remarketing, targeted audiences, zip code geofencing and search can be combine with multiple marketing tactics. 

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Pay Per Click (PPC) is an important part of a strong digital marketing campaign.

When you want to reach people who search for a product or service, you may purchase your way to the front page of the search engines. The nice thing about pay per click search engine marketing (SEM) is you only pay for the ads which people click. Once someone clicks on your ad, we take them to a focused landing page related to the ad they clicked. 

The important thing to remember is people using search engine are looking for answers to their question or problem. If they click your ad, there is an excellent chance they are buyers. There are many advantages to digital advertising, however, it’s not cheap advertising, it’s efficient advertising. 

Since it’s an efficient form of advertising sometimes budgets can be lowered, but it’s still important to have a realistic budget before you launch your next PPC campaign. Consider looking at our ad calculator to estimate the right budget for you.


The goal of a good digital marketing campaign is to create an effective sales funnel. Success takes the testing of keywords, ads, landing pages, product and service offers. The ultimate goal of campaign optimization is to create conversions. Conversions are whatever you want them to be. A visitor filling out a form, emailing your company or buying a product are all examples of conversions. It takes time to develop a good sales funnel. Depending on your budget and the amount of traffic generated by your keywords, it can take up to three months to create a fully functioning and efficient sales funnel. This doesn’t mean sales success can’t be generated along the way. Considering that campaigns are really just gaining traction over the first two to three months, we generally recommend running a campaign for at least six months.

Is it possible to speed up the timeline? Yes. For high traffic keywords and large budgets, good sales funnels can be created in a matter of weeks, if not days. The speed of campaign optimization depends a lot on the amount of traffic directed to your landing pages. The more traffic produced by a campaign, the better decisions can be made to improve a client’s campaign.


First, we believe it is better to be on the first page organically for any search engine result. Unfortunately, that is a long-term process and it’s tough to earn your way to the front page for every keyword, service or product that represents your company. SEM is an excellent option to fill in the gaps and develop more targeted sales funnels. Not only that, you can you bid on specific keywords. Words that you may or may not rank for naturally. You can also send people to specifically targeted landing pages. When it comes to SEO, you don’t have control over where the search engines will send your visitors. If you have a well-optimized web page, it will serve as a guide for the search engines to find and rank you. Bottom line is that SEO is not as flexible as SEM.

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Rosh Media is a digital marketing firm. Our founder is Google certified for AdWords and has worked with the platform since 2007. He, the Rosh Media team and its partners develop SEO, SEM, PPC, social media and remarketing sales funnels to drive traffic and sales for their clients. 

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Rosh Media is a digital marketing firm specializing in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Our team has experience in all types of PPC campaigns. Google, Display, Remarketing (retargeting) Facebook and Twitter are platform options the i3 team uses. If you are having trouble ranking in the search engines, wish to target people with specific interests or need to track your return on investment, PPC is an excellent option.

About PPC Advertising

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This is a digital marketing advertising revolution that continues to develop. It is changing the way companies advertise and track their results. Compared to traditional ads, PPC may seem like a less expensive advertising alternative. It is important not to fall into this mindset. Pay Per Click is not cheap advertising, it is the efficient advertising.

Traditional advertising is based on the mass marketing model depending on the potential number of eyes viewing your ad. The goal of the mass market model of advertising is to appeal to as many people as possible with a single ad. This is tough to do. To appeal to the most number of people ads (as well as products according to Seth Godin) the ad needs to be average. With so much information at our fingertips, the average will not do anymore.

Digital marketing has changed everything. Now businesses can be specific. They can target the people who are most likely to be interested in their product or service. Not only can we target specific consumers, the advertiser only pays for the advertisements that deliver results. These results are called clicks. If people see your ad (which is good for branding and awareness) you pay nothing. If people click on your ad, which then takes them to a landing page on your website, you are charged for that click.

Using the data generated by the people who click on your ads and the actions they take, your marketing team can make adjustments to improve efficiency. Adjusting keywords and ads will improve click-through rates, the quality of the prospects you seek and conversions. A conversion is anything you want it to be such as filling out a form, downloading information or purchasing a product.

The more you spend, the faster the data is received and the quicker decisions can be made for next steps. With traditional media it is much harder to test ads without spending a lot of money. Testing is the key to PPC success. Testing ads, keywords, images, headlines and landing pages are part of a continual process of improvement. The goal is to drive the most number of conversions for the budget. Generally, it take about three months of data for the average client to develop a well oiled digital marketing machine.

What platforms are available for PPC? The most well known is AdWords which is an excellent platform for Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other popular search engines also have PPC programs. Which avenue is right for you depends on your product, service and target audience.

For more information about creating a PPC digital marketing sales funnel, contact the Rosh Media team using the form below.

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