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Rosh Media is a Detroit based SEO company serving clients nationwide. We have the tools and talent to earn your business more traffic which can increase sales of your product or service. We are also well-known for our white label support for marketing agencies and website designers.

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When our caricature artist client came to us8 years ago, you could not find them anywhere in the search engines. However, over time, we have secured the SEO authority of their website to consistently dominate ranking in the top spots for many caricature artists keywords. They complete heavily with SEO directories and established sites such as Etsy, yet we keep them in the game month after month.

Community College

A local Detroit Community College was not competing well online. For the term Community College Detroit they ranked in the top 30. Now they are solidly in the top 5, often ranking number 1 and 2 for key community college terms driving more potential students to their website.

Detroit SEO


Detroit SEO Company, Rosh Media is a Metro Detroit SEO focused marketing company specializing in driving traffic to our client’s websites. Our core marketing service, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), helps our clients get found online.

How would you like more traffic to your website? If so, then you need to get the attention of the number one traffic generation source available to you. Organic search engine traffic.

The first step in the process is to consider how important it is to help search engines understand the theme of your website and what each page within your website represents. Not having good SEO is like opening a store without a sign, address or architecture. You must leave clues to what type of store is at your company address.

Is SEO dead? It’s a good headline. However, people who make this claim only say it to get your attention. In many cases, they want to sell you a different product or service. Yet, this claim is completely false. SEO is alive and well.

Currently, search engines continue to rank search query results from their highest relevant recommendation to the lowest. In most cases, you will see the top ten results, ranked in order, on the front page of the search engine, such as Google. Yet, there are reasons why one website ranks higher than another.

SEO is about employing best practices to make webpages attractive enough to earn high rankings within search engine results. Our philosophy is that SEO is dead only when people stop using Google and other helpful search engines.

Until then, it’s important to understand the fact that making it easy for people to find your business through search engines can make or break your company in the digital age.

SEO is an art and science. The rules change all the time as search engines update their algorithms to offset people who game the system and use black hat SEO techniques. White hat and black hat is common SEO industry jargon.

Blackhat SEO represents practitioners who use tricks or try to game the system to rank their websites. White hat SEO means playing by the rules recommended by the search engines. Search engines don’t hate SEO, they encourage it as a path to best practices which help them provide the best search results.

However, in some cases black hat techniques are effective in the short-term, unfortunately, businesses who hire black hat companies tend to find themselves is a world of hurt down the line. For example, companies who paid for links years ago are still paying the price after Google made algorithm adjustments to counter this technique.

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What our SEO agency Does

Rosh Media is a Detroit based company who offers  SEO services nationally. We provide different levels of service, depending on the needs of our clients. The first is our standard service.

It’s basic set up for SEO success which every website must implement to support search engine ranking success. The goal of standard SEO is to ensure Google and other search engines are not confused. Search engines need to understand what each of your web pages are about.

The standard service is included with all websites Rosh Media and our partners produce. The standard service includes making sure the website is search engine friendly.

A friendly website includes quality title tags related to the content featured below them, good relevant headlines, alt tagged imagery, and internal linking.

Every web page is an opportunity to be found by a search engine, so we want to make sure your web pages are focused and use the right keywords that people are actually inputting into search boxes.


It is common for companies to use a lot of industry jargon that people actually looking for their product or service do not use. This is why we offer SEO research. This service includes all that we do for our standard service plus additional keyword and competition research, to make sure you are using the best keywords for your website.


Campaigns are the most beneficial to our clients. It’s important to set up your website for success with standard and SEO research, but that is just the beginning of the process.

To keep the momentum going, it is important to develop a strategy for developing content, creating and earning links to your website. Our team creates content and develops relevant linking opportunities for our client’s website.

There are many white hat options we employ. Ultimately, our job is to make sure your website is an excellent resource and that the online community considers you an expert in your field or industry.

An important part of expert development often involves the use of social media. Becoming an expert in your field within social media often leads to valuable opportunities and natural links to your website – supporting your SEO goals.


SEO is not cheap, this is because of all the labor involved to develop great content for on and off website use. Standard and SEO research costs depend on how many pages need to be optimized on a website.

A SEO campaign cost has more to do with the level competition you face online. The question is, how much authority does your website have compared to the high ranking competition.

If there is little competition for the keywords you wish to rank, the rates are much lower than higher competition keywords. Our SEO calculator is a convenient tool to help figure out approximately what our SEO services might cost you.

Using point values between $20 -$40 (you will understand after you read about the calculators) will give you an average range for SEO services.

Although SEO is expensive, the return on investment can take a company to healthy new revenue levels. On average the fee for SEO services for most small to mid-size clients is in the range of $750 to $2000 per month.


We all want to rank number one on Google. It’s beneficial to increasing traffic and it is also tough to do. Earning the number one spot on any search engine is certainly a valid goal, however, it’s not the only measure of SEO success.

The goal of SEO is to increase quality and relevant traffic to a website. Sometimes, the first step is to fix the poor SEO work done in the past that is negatively affecting your search rankings. SEO changes so much that techniques legitimately used a few years ago can tank your ranking in the search engine today.

You may have a short tail keyword for the theme of your website only reaching the ranking number 12, fortunately, you may still be driving quality new traffic.

This is because longer tail keywords can still make it to the front page in related searches. A short tail keyword is one or two words such as Photographer or Food Photographer.

A longer tail keyword consists of multiple words such as restaurant food photographer or Detroit Michigan Food Photographer. The fact is that each day, 15-20% of all search queries have never been asked before.

This is an amazing fact. This means no one really knows all of the keyword combinations their website can rank. Your focus may be food  photographer, however, you will most likely earn additional traffic from related longer tail keywords.


Measurement of additional traffic to a website is SEO success. The only good measure of traffic is a year over year traffic comparison. Each month is its own animal with holidays, commerce patterns and seasons affecting search traffic differently.

This is why month to month comparisons, although they may represent a general trend, are not the best indication of overall SEO success or failure.

Additional success indicators are the number of keywords your website shows up for and the number impressions your website earns within the search engine results.

Both of these metrics are found in the search engine webmaster tools (search console). You will find these tools available for both Google and Bing.

Each month our team provides reports on how well your website is doing related to traffic and target keyword rankings.

The one thing you can count on is that SEO is like the stock market. It will drive you crazy watching the daily and weekly ups and downs. However, if you follow the monthly trends and compare year over year growth you will sleep much better at night.

Our goal for mature websites is at least 25% year over year growth in traffic. Newer websites who have little or no SEO before our service can see 50, 75 or 100+ percent increases in traffic in a relatively short period of time.


Our Detroit SEO team goal is to increase your website traffic. You must have clear expectations as to why you want more traffic and the value it represents to your company.

We have ROI calculators on this website to help determine if paying for SEO is beneficial to your business. In some cases, our team can do everything right and the client can still lose money. This might happen if their product is too inexpensive or offers a low-profit margin.

We like to use our ROI calculators before we take on a client so we don’t waste valuable client time and resources. We want our clients to be successful.

If SEO is not right for them, we do offer alternatives. We’ve found that at least some SEO is beneficial to the profitability of our customer websites and company bottom lines.

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Over time, SEO continues to become more labor intensive because quality, informative writing and content development is the core of good SEO.

Google wants the best search results available to it customers. Gaming the system is only a temporary solution. It is rare that a search engine algorithm changes have a negative affect on Detroit based Rosh Media, its partners or clients because we’ve always adhered to the idea of quality.

Our founder, Rosh Sillars, of Rosh Media consistently ranks high in all his search engine optimization efforts for over the last fifteen years because he understands that Google is following the basic philosophies of quality media.

Rosh and his team take advantage of his 25 years of experience within the professional media world. They apply his knowledge and insight to their clients website SEO. No need for tricks.

Sometimes algorithm changes do temporarily affect rankings negatively. Search engine algorithms have hundreds of signals with varying weights that help the search engines determine website rankings.

The fact is these changes happen daily. Some changes are more impactful than others. Drops in search rank to quality websites often have to do with the unintended consequence of search engine algorithm adjustments.

Keeping up-to-date on the latest search changes allows our team to assess the situation quickly and take the appropriate actions needed, if any.

About SEO Services

The reason you hire an SEO is that more quality traffic to your website earns your company more business and larger profits. If this is not the case, then you may not need an SEO team. If more web traffic does increase your company profit, then an SEO team is right for you.

A good SEO team keeps track of the latest best practices for search rankings. They work on and off-site to help develop your website authority, relevance and usefulness to your target audience. Currently, the ability to write well is one of the most important skills necessary for good SEO.


The core of the Google algorithm (and others) is based on links to your website. The more quality and relevant links you have pointing at your website makes a difference in your search engine rankings.

Although the goal of search engines is to reduce the value of links as a search signal, they are still an important factor and will be for some time.

Google is getting smarter and their algorithms don’t only depend on the face value and number of links pointed to a website. There are hundreds of ranking factors for search engines to consider. For example, the load time speed and ease of navigation play a role.

Google has verified that they now use an artificial intelligence algorithm for many Google searches. This algorithm is referred to as RankBrian.

However, many of the traditional signals and ranking factors are still the same. Quality still matters. We do know some links can negatively affect your search rankings.

Google takes into account the words around your links as well as the words used to describe the links to your website. In the future, it is theorized that Google will depend less on links, perhaps little at all.

How your name, business or organization is talked about or mentioned online with or without links will help Google determine the website reputation, quality, and relevance.


One thing which will continue to benefit website rankings is the creation and sharing of quality content.

Text, photos, illustrations, animations and videos are all important elements to consider when developing a plan for your website.

Consistent quality online activity is now one of the best secrets to improved search engine rankings. Development of new educational information on your website, your blog, interaction on other related websites, and social media interaction all support developing a healthy link profile. In other words, the links to your website must come from a variety of sources.

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SEO Company

First, you need the Rosh Media team to review your website. Fill out the orange form above and we will follow up with you. Even if you have a simple question, our team is happy to share SEO insight.

Once you decide to partner with us to increase your website traffic, our team will immediately begin tracking your keywords.

This gives us a baseline to measure success. Although, the most important metrics are increased traffic and sales. It’s important to know how your website is ranking in the eye of Google.

Our team will also make sure your website has Google analytics installed correctly and Google search console connected. Both these free tools from Google help to measure success and give Rosh Media clues as to which steps to take next.

SEO ranking factors change every day. Our team uses powerful programs to test and measure what is actually happening in the SEO landscape.

We compare and measure your website to others in your industry. We regularly update and make adjustments to your website to improve performance and meet the requirements needed to rank at the top of the search engines.

Overtime, your website will rank for more keywords which leads to more prospects finding your website when they need your product or service.

Every month the Rosh Media team reviews the progress with you. Our number metric is year of year traffic. We also look at website ranking and work with you to improve conversions on your website.

In some cases, this requires A/B testing key pages to increase performance.

Google is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Most people use search engine to find answers and the trend suggests this will not end anytime soon.

Other options such as social media and pay per click are important, however, they are still a far second to opportunities available by being found in organic search results.