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Rosh Media specializes in social media marketing. Our founder Rosh Sillars has run professional campaigns, taught the subject at the university level, published books and shares his social media insight around the world. Social Media is a powerful way to share your story, expertise and distribute your content. Let us help you explore the benefits of social media.


Social Media marketing is a combination of multiple marketing avenues. Traditional social media which is a labor-intensive activity and paid advertising within social media.  One involves time and the other requires money. The right combination depends on your company culture, target market and budget.  No worries, we got this, that is what the Image 3 marketing (i3) team is here for.


Our i3 philosophy is that independent professionals and small businesses owners should do their own social media. The key to traditional social media success is being social, offering educational information and developing yourself as a leader in your industry. The best people to educate others about your business is you. Having a social media consultant or coach to guide you and your team is a good idea. A good consultant can point you in the right direction.

Please note in our philosophy and description of traditional social media the word marketing is missing. People using social media don’t want to be marketed to or read your sales pitch. They want to connect with people and develop real relationships. Some people are looking for information from the experts they trust. That is why you must develop a social media plan and calendar to help educate and attract the people who may be interested in what your company offers. Social media takes time to develop. Once you have earned an audience, your social media can be a powerful distribution channel.


Over time, people have become accustomed to the intrusion of advertisements around their social media streams. It took time and lots of experimentation to find the right methods to effectively deliver company messages. The goal is to share you message specifically to the people who are most likely going to care about your products and services. Facebook is doing an excellent job finding new ways for advertisers to share their message.  Other social media platforms are still looking for the right combination. Every day someone makes a breakthrough.

Twitter has an advertising program that is improving regularly. Cards have become a popular way to share messages and capture prospect information. Twitter ads are becoming more effective as their tracking and delivery platform improves. Image 3 Marketing uses Twitter when sharing public relations and educational marketing materials.

LinkedIn is good for targeting people in specific professions. Advertising on this platform tends to be most effective when targeting other businesses. One question to ask when using LinkedIn is what is the job title of the people you wish to target? a purchasing manager, director of marketing or the CEO? You can find them on LinkedIn.

No matter the platform, it is important to create a marketing sales funnel. We always use a landing page with focused messages related to the creative ads we develop. Our sales funnel is tested from top to bottom. We are always testing headlines, copy, photos and videos in our ads and landing pages.


Social media marketing is like all marketing. Good ideas produce good results, great ideas produce great results and sometimes dumb ideas create awesome results. The problem is we don’t always know what ideas will work, that is why we test.

Fortunately, our team has years of experience in social media. Our founder is an internationally published author on the topic of social media, he has taught social media at the university level and has found his own personal success with social media. He has spent the last six years sharing his knowledge with his team and clients.

Social media technology changes daily and our i3 team keeps up to date on these changes. This means you don’t have to take as much time worrying about doing the right thing. That doesn’t mean your team can completely pass off social media and forget about it. Even if we earn your social media development business, your team must be part of the process to be effective.


Posting canned information on social media websites such as Facebook on a daily basis is not social media. Social media is social. There must be interaction. Developing relationships with your community and building your brands reputation is one of the best ways to use social media. Make sure you have a plan and calendar. If you don’t plan your social media or at least adhere to the theme you will find yourself wondering the social media landscape with no expertise or reputation.

Should we use our intern?

Social media is your face to the world. Would you have your intern give an important presentation to a new prospect, develop your marketing strategy or act as your traditional public relations voice? Of course not. The same should go for social media. This does not mean a well-trained intern cannot be helpful in the process. Afterthought social media fails. If you are going to do social media, do it right.

Social media offers an opportunity to those who place time, energy and resources into a well thought out plan. We can help you develop a plan and support you with its implementation. When necessary, our team can take on the tasks your team does not have time to do.


Traditional social media is labor intensive. It is more than pressing a button to post a Tweet or Facebook status. Good social media involves a lot of quality writing, strategy and research. If you are purchasing advertising the costs involve people managing your campaign, creating marketing funnels, purchasing advertising from the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. An important part of any digital marketing campaign is analyzing the data. This takes experts who understand how to read the data, find trends and know how to act on what they find with creative ideas.

Social media can be simple or very complex, depending on your goals. Give us a call 248 733 5575 and we can support you in finding the best social media marketing solutions for your business.