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Rosh Media uses social media as one of its core tools to develop our clients as experts in their field. We help build their brand awareness and advertise on the various available platforms. Social Media is also an important element in our search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Our philosophy is that only posting something to your Facebook or Twitter pages is not social media. It’s just posting information to a site on the web. Social media is social. When social media is done well, conversations begin, relationships are formed and trust is built. If you build trust within your community and industry people are more likely to buy from you. We live by the mantra: Don’t take the social out of social media.

Rosh Media offers consulting services to help achieve your business goals. Different companies need different solutions when it comes to social media. Consultation, customer service, research, branding, promotion, advertising, recruiting and business development all fall under the responsibilities of social media professionals. Our social media teams and partners have the skills needed to support any business with their social media needed.

Rosh Media is a marketing firm with a visual edge. So we like to use the power of imagery whenever possible to help tell our client’s stories. We’ve found that good images help to increase click-through rates and conversions for our client’s social media campaigns.


Rosh Sillars is the lead social media and marketing consultant for Rosh Media. He has been a member of the Detroit media as photographer, writer and consultant for more than twenty-five years. Over the past two decades, you would regularly see his photography work in the Grosse Pointe News, Daily Tribune, Macomb Daily, Oakland Press, Detroit News, Free Press and affiliated magazines associated with the Detroit News Paper Partnership. His work is regularly seen on the cover of Michigan’s Corp! magazine as well as many national trade magazines and websites.

Rosh has also been online for over twenty years  His first social media relationship began in 1997. He developed the S3 team  (SEO, Social Media and SEM) in 2009 for a Detroit Marketing firm and worked as its manager and director for five years. In 2010, he co-authored The Linked Photographers Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media (Cengage), and he kicked-off the social media class for the public relations department at Wayne State University in 2011. Rosh has traveled as far as Australia to speak, teach and share ideas about Social Media.  Rosh has successfully used social media to develop his own career and continues to consult on the topic for clients large and small.

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