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What secrets and insight can you learn about Google to grow your business?

My name is Rosh, I’m a Google marketing professional. I use Google products to earn my clients more business. My techniques use Search, Google advertising and YouTube to support businesses. Our goal is to improve brand awareness, drive traffic to our clients website, improve sales and retain our clients’ current customers. I work with advertising agencies, marketing firms, large and small businesses like yours. Don’t be shy, if you have a question, please email me

Above is the link to the helpful PDF guide Winning With Google, by Rosh Sillars. Click on the yellow button, fill out the form (name and email) and a direct link to the PDF is immediately sent to you. If you have any issues, or the email doesn’t come (check your spam folder) feel free email me. If your email is in the system, I’ll folloow up and email the PDF to you personally.

*Rosh Sillars is not an employee of Alphabet (Google), does not represent Google or YouTube. Rosh works as an independent consultant to help companies navigate and use Google products effectively. header Image